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 thread  Author  Topic: NECW RESULTS / BREAKTHROUGH TOUR / SUPERSLAM  (Read 1768 times)
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« Thread started on: Mar 22nd, 2005, 02:05am »


Venom-Landry Brawl, Mercedes Betrays Her Fans, RAVE Win Tag Titles and much more at NECW's MARCH BADNESS This Past Saturday Night in Framingham, MA!

New England Championship Wrestling returned to the Framingham Civic League this past Saturday night in front of another near capacity crowd for the final leg of the MARCH BADNESS Tour and a night which saw a number of upsets, including a major title change, a shocking betrayal and much more.

The 9 bout extravaganza began with former NECW Tag Team Champions, The Logan Brothers getting a convincing victory over D-Unit (Doug Summers & Rocco Abruzzi). The Logans are looking to get back into title contention and this victory was a big step toward that goal.

In a special grudge match, "The Egomaniac" Johnny Idol stole a win from "Sweet" Scott Ashworth, thanks to the outside interference of NECW Television Champion, Ru Starr. Ashworth has already demanded a rematch and this feud is just beginning to boil.

NECW President, Sheldon Goldberg came to the ring with a drawstring bag and called out Violet Flame, the self-proclaimed "Uncrowned NECW Women's Champion," complete with plastic championship belt. Goldberg told Violet to get rid of that toy belt and if he ever saw her with it again, she'd be suspended. He then said that in fact, Violet should be thanked because people were so sick of seeing that cheap toy belt that it was time for something to be done about it. Goldberg took out a championship belt from the bag and explained that it was the original New England Women's Championship Belt - a title Violet once held years before the formation of NECW. He said that on Sunday, June 8th there will be a special event held in Somerville, MA at Good Time Emporium - a first ever day-night doubleheader. In the afternoon, the stars of NECW would compete with all titles being defended. That night, the original women's belt would be put up in an 8 women elimination tournament and the winner would get the belt, which would then become the NECW Women's Championship.

Following this announcement, we went to a women's triple threat match with Violet Flame taking on Mercedes Martinez and Hayley Skye, now going by the name Natalia. With the announcement of a women's title tournament, the action was inspired and the battle went back and forth between the trio. Natalia managed to roll up Mercedes to get the victory. After the bell, the NECW Tag Team Champions, Sabotage (D.C. Dillinger & Eddie Edwards) came to the ring to threaten Natalia, who is also the girlfriend of PRIDE's Dan Freitas (currently sidlined after Dillinger hit him in the face with a fireball weeks ago). Mercedes got right in Dillinger's face and said that she and Natalia weren't afraid of them and challenged them to a match right then and there. Before anything happened, Mercedes shocked everyone by attacking Natalia. It then became a three on one attack. Mercedes then said she blamed Natalia for her losing the IWA Mid-South Women's Title and that she was tired of being screwed over by everyone. Mercedes said she was aligning herself with Sabotage to the dismay of NECW officials.

From there, Pat Masters got a win over the rugged Aaron Morrison in a closely fought contest. Masters look like he was almost done after missing his finishing move call the Honor Roll, but managed to hang on and roll up Morrison for the pin.

In a return grudge match, former NECW Heavyweight Champion, Michael Sain, with Alex Crowley in his corner, defeated "Miracle" Mike Bennett - but not by much. This was an epic battle between the explosive power of the former champion and the will power of the young challenger. Bennett, outweighed by at least 40 pounds, took the measure of the maniacal Sain and came close to victory with numerous near falls, but the big man managed to pull out a win. Sain attacked Bennett after the match, but the "Miracle" refused to bow to the former champion.

In a return challenge match, "The Pinnacle" Paul Lombardi scored what some might think is an upset victory over former NECW Champion, "Brutal" Bob Evans. Challenges have gone back and forth between these two, but in the end on this night it was the youth and persistence of Lombardi that prevailed over the veteran former titleholder.

NECW Television Champion, Ru Starr once again battled third generation star, "Rocket" Fred Curry, Jr. Despite the presence of "The Egomaniac" Johnny Idol at ringside, Curry gave the champion everything he had. Unfortunately, the time limit expired and the match was ruled a draw.

RAVE (Kristian Frost and Zack Statick) became the new NECW Tag Team Champions in a huge upset win over Sabotage, with Mercedes Martinez in their corner. Frost and Statick managed to keep Sabotage off balance with their teamwork, but the ruthless strategy of Edwards and Dillinger had begun to wear the challengers down. All of a sudden the lights went out and Dan Freitas came running in through the front door with a steel chair. Freitas cleaned house and managed to nail Edwards. Zack Statick took advantage, coming off the top rope with a leg drop and getting a three count and the fall on Edwards.

The rematch for the NECW Heavyweight Championship between "Revolution" Chris Venom and the "Powerhouse" Kevin Landry, with Alex Crowley in his corner, turned into an all out brawl. Venom took the fight to the challenger, but the massive Landry gave it right back. Landy and Venom each decked referees as the bout became uncontrollable. Referee Rich Bass, who was the official of record, declared the match a double disqualification. But after the match, Venom and Landry continued to try and get at each other. Wrestlers and officials filled the ring, finally separating the two after repeated attempts by both men to continue the donnybrook.

NECW returns to Framingham on Saturday night, April 16th.

NECW Presents the SPRING BREAKTHROUGH Tour Making 3 Stops in April to Framingham, Somerville and a Debut in Seekonk, MA!

New England Championship Wrestling explodes into action in April with a three stop SPRING BREAKTHROUGH Tour. On Saturday night, April 16th, NECW returns to Framingham at the Civic League, 214 Concord Street in Framingham for a big event. Matches will be announced later this week and tickets will be on sale Thursday at Strawberries and on NECWwrestling .com.

On Thursday night, April 21, NECW returns to Good Time Emporium with a School Vacation/Fan Appreciation Show. A very special card is in the works and all seats will be just $8 for this weeknight extravaganza. Tickets go on sale for this event this coming Thursday as well at Strawberries and at

Then, on Saturday, April 23, NECW will be making its debut in Seekonk, MA. More details on this event later this week including ticket information.

NECW Announces SUPERSLAM & Women's Title Tournament for Sunday, June 5

NECW President, Sheldon Goldberg announced at this past Saturday night's MARCH BADNESS event that NECW would be holding a very special day/night doubleheader event called SUPERSLAM on Sunday, June 5th at Good Time Emporium in Somerville, MA.

NECW is inviting fans worldwide to attend this unique and historic event. At 1:00 PM, the stars of NECW will be in action and all NECW titles will be defended. At 5:00 PM, there will be a special pizza party and live press conference with the stars. And at 7:00 PM, NECW will crown a new Women's Champion as eight of the finest female athletes in wrestling will do battle in an elimination tournament to crown an NECW Women's Champion.

There will be more news about special discount packages and ticket availability in two weeks.

Eric M. Goldberg
Local Promoter
New England Championship Wrestling
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I don't mind you posting this stuff but you could perhaps keep it to one thread and update that rather than making many? Thanks smiley

Oh and no links to wrestling sites in your signature without say-so from one of the admins - we take a bote on it ok?

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