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Jan 19th, 2018, 4:50pm

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xx Leg Nipple & other stuff...
« Thread started on: Dec 19th, 2004, 03:08am »

You've all seen mice growing human ears - here's
a leg that grew a nipple. Scott of Jacksonville,
Florida was horribly burned in a trailer park fire
when he was 15. Doctors used skin from his chest
on his badly damaged legs - which then grew a
nipple. So he pierced it. Next week Scott grows
a cock on his elbow.

This week the British media has been totally
obsessed with the resignation of visually
impaired politician David Blunkett. He'd been
shagging like a beast and it all turned nasty.
Oh well. B3ta boarder Tedious decided to
mark the end of an era with a great new game.
He says: "I think I might be going to hell."

Steven and Shane are The Bear Guys, a pair of
sinister-looking gentlemen in brightly-coloured
knitwear who make teddy bears for a living. Go
on, look at the funny gays.

James Sooy has a solution to a problem that has
baffled the four-eyed since the beginning of
time - how to stop your glasses from sliding
down the bridge of your nose. It's easy. Simply
bolt them in place and turn your disability
into extreme body-art.

Traditionally designers use a passage of dummy
Latin in the place of real text when they're
setting up new webpages. Portsmouth University
use something altogether more entertaining.

Text-to-speech converters are an Internet
favourite, and this modern version works well
by using a foxy-looking animated lady. Try the
male voice option for extra oddness, or insert
dirty talk to use the service as an exciting
masturbatory aid.

Need to clean a carpet in a hurry? Hoover not
up to the job? Get a large-format newspaper
like the Guardian and a can of display mount

Spray one side of one page, and put it
sticky-side down on the carpet. Apply pressure
and then lift - it'll take away most of the
dust, hair and nastiness with it. One paper can
clean an average-sized carpet in about ten
minutes. But will likely give you cancer from the
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